Do You Really Want to Know?

School of Government listservs 

The School of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill maintains various listservs for public officials. A listserv is a way to share information to a large group via email. The lglaw listserv, administered by Professor Fleming Bell, allows city and county government attorneys to share information and questions with peers and faculty experts at the School of Government. Recent threads have included remedies for abandoned and burned out homes, golf cart advertising, staggered terms for councils, zoning cases, announcements of conferences,  and compulsory water and sewer hookups.

A bad week ends with humor courtesy lglaw listserv 

At the end of a very bad week at the General Assembly, a thread on internet content filtering at local government caught my eye Thursday. With the permission of the posters (Harnett County Attorney Staff Attorney Jennifer Slusser, Charlotte City Attorney Bob Hagemann, and Professor Bell) I’m excerpting some of yesterday’s thread:

“Slusser:  How does your jurisdiction handle internet content filtering, if at all, for general county departments? Currently, we have very limited content filtering because we are on the same band with the county library.

Hagemann:  Yeah, and our fancy filter here in Charlotte decided one day not to let me get to the General Assembly’s home page. Turned out it didn’t want me to see “Who Represents Me”.

Bell:  Do you really want to know?”  


If you do really want to know 

The General Assembly does have a web-based  application to find out your State Senator, State Representative and member of Congress, you just need to enter your Zip+4, the online tool even allows you to look up your Zip+4.


2 Responses to Do You Really Want to Know?

  1. Iris Weaver says:

    Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

  2. Cute. And a perfect example of why content filtering is a bad idea in the first place.

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