Class of ’89 update — Chalk loses SC Senate Primary

A few weeks ago I posted about the North Carolina General Assembly’s Class of 1989 — three members of which have gone on to currently serve in other State Legislatures. One of them, former North Carolina Representative and Senator Richard Chalk is now serving in the South Carolina House of Representatives and was seeking a vacant seat in the South Carolina Senate. That campaign has ended, Chalk lost the 46th Senatorial District Republican primary on May 1, receiving 8.4% in a four-way race. If Chalk had been victorious in the primary and the June special election, he would probably have been the first person ever to serve in both chambers in two different states.

WordPress gives me reports on how many hits this blog has, and what search engine search terms lead web surfers here. One person yesterday found my blog after doing a web search for the term “What is north carolina’s largest export”. That had been the title of my earlier post on Chalk, Peggy Wilson, and David Balmer.  I hope I didn’t lead a high school student working on a term paper too far astray.


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