Finished my J-School Technology & Communication Program

I get to go across the stage at the Dean Dome Sunday May 13 as part of the School of Journalism & Mass Communications commencement exercise. I’ve just finished the School’s 12-hour (4-course) Master’s level Certificate in Technology and Communication. I found the program to be incredibly valuable in updating my skills in researching, writing, and communicating, all important job components.  The course materials were all relevant and the faculty top notch. I managed a course each semester for two years, handling one during the ongoing long session has been a challenge! The final two courses involved substantial work on blogs,  the Blackboard online course delivery system was used for all four courses.  Enrollment was between 15 and 20 students per class.

UPDATE: J-School commencement was May 13. There were 300 undergraduate JoMC majors graduating, six certificate grads (two of whom attended), and 25 Masters and PhD graduates. It was fun being in an academic procession again, got to shake hands with Dean Jean Folkerts on the stage. I didn’t even trip and fall. I’ll post a picture whenever UNC sends me one to buy 🙂

From the program guide: The Certificate in Technology and Communication is comprised of five graduate-level courses taught completely online. The program, which is aimed at working professionals, offered its first courses in 2003.  Students completing any four of the five classes earn a certificate.  An academic certificate is comprised of a series of post-baccalaureate courses that enables a student to explore a specific area of study. Like a master’s or doctoral degree, a certificate is offered by a host academic department, is approved by UNC-Chapel Hill’s Graduate School, and is related to an academic area of study.

Here are the five courses, I took all but JoMC 713 (I’ve included links to the Syllabi where available):

JOMC 710: “Computing Concepts and Issues: Power Tools for the Mind”
This course has one goal: to help you develop an understanding of the social, legal and political issues relating to access and use of the Internet. The course will make sense of the digital revolution that’s sweeping the globe and introduce you to the people and products, companies and concepts, issues and innovations that are shaping the future. (Spring, Aikat)

JoMC 711: Writing for Digital Media
New technologies have changed communication, creating new meanings and new media. This course aims to foster effective communication in digital and online environments by studying the audience(s); by examining how different media work, as well as the unique limits and possibilities of these new media; and by learning how to develop content for different formats and environments. (Fall, Carroll)

JoMC 712: Visual Communication and Web Design
This course introduces the principles and concepts of visual communication and design and how they are being used in the “cyber” medium. Students will learn the rich history of visual images and the conceptual framework of visual communication. They also will analyze how visual elements are used in graphics and graphics design, page design, site planning and navigation, and computer system and human interface design. (Spring, Fenton)

JOMC 713: “Global Impact of New Communication Technologies”
This course addresses the role of interactive media in transforming business and society around the world from social, legal, ethical and economic perspectives. Course content will include analysis of the global impact of new communication technologies such as the Internet, wireless computing, consumer electronics, telephony and personal communication devices. (Fall, Aikat)

JOMC 714: “Database and Web Research”
For many people, including journalists, online research means going to Google, entering a couple of terms and hoping for the best. The material might be there, but how long does it take you to find it? The course explores online sources that can yield additional material and save you time. (Fall, Tyburski)


Well, I now have four things for my wall from Chapel Hill, AB 1971, JD 1975, MA 2004 and now the graduate certificate. 


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  1. WillR says:

    Congratulations Gerry. Don’t party too hard afterwards 😉

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