Sausage made here today

German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the 1800s was quoted as saying,

bismarck1.jpg“There are two things you don’t want to see being made—sausage and legislation.”  (image courtesy Library of Congress)

In the House Appropriations Committee today, over 90 amendments were sent forward to the budget bill, House Bill 1473.  Of those, 53 were adopted.  Staff from Bill Drafting, Fiscal Research and the Appropriations Committee just met and compared notes to agree on the list of 53.  As the meeting went on today, adopted amendments were sent from the committee room to the Bill Typing Section as we work to engross them into the second edition of the bill to prepare a new committee substitute to be reported in before midnight tonight, which will be the third edition. (Engrossing the 53 amendments is akin to making the sausage) We now have to proof all that work.  Fiscal staff has taken off with a set of the amendments to revise their old draft committee report that was circulated Monday, to prepare a revised one, also by midnight.

Of the 53 amendments, 22 amended just the committee report, 23 the bill itself, and 8 amended both.  The committee report is a detailed explanation of how the budget incorporated in the bill varies from the Governor’s proposed budget.  The bill itself contains appropriations on a department by department and campus by campus basis, special provisions explaining legislation or detailing restrictions or reporting requirements, and also legislation that raises and lowers revenues, either through taxes or fees, all to produce a balanced budget.

The third edition of the bill should be available online on our website around midnight tonight, both on our index page and on the bill status page (watch for “edition 3″).  Printed copies will be available Thursday morning. Watch for the committee report online as well.


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