Legislative action to date

I get a lot of calls “How many bills have been filed”, “How many have passed the House”, etc.

The North Carolina legislative website has a number of tools on its bill reports webpage to assist in answering these and similar questions.

In each case below, as you open a report, there will be a summary total at the top (the original total I report is as of 5 pm Monday, May 21, 2007. I’m updating the totals once in a while to help those too lazy to click through. The total will be current when you call up the individual reports).

Bills  filed3619  3620 update 5/25

House bills passed House of Representatives: 315 402 update 5/25

Senate bills passed Senate: 241 307 update 5/25

Bills pending on the Governor’s desk: 4 3 update 5/22

Enacted bills and ratified joint resolutions: 76 86 update 5/23


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