Senate and House budget bills

The Senate and House have each passed their versions of the 2007-2009 North Carolina state budget, House Bill 1473


NewHouse Bill 1473, 8th edition 5/31/2007. Budget bill as it passed the Senate 5/31/2007, incorporates floor amendments adopted 5/30/2007 (PDF Document 1125 KB) Index


LATEST AVAILABLE COMMITTEE REPORT:Senate Appropriations Committee Report on House Bill 1473, May 30, 2007 (PDF Document 561KB), covers 7th edition


  • House Bill 1473, 5th Edition, as passed by House of Representatives May 11, 2007 (PDF Document 936 KB) Index

  • House Appropriations Committee Report on House Bill 1473 (incorporates all changes for 4th and 5th editions), May 9, 2007 (PDF Document 534 KB)

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    One Response to Senate and House budget bills

    1. Anglico says:

      Hi Gerry.

      I’ve received a dozen or so emails with questions about what happens now with the budget . . . and I don’t have any good answers.

      Would you be willing to do a live-blogging session at BlueNC sometime (soon?) to help us citizens understand what the process looks like, who’s on first, etc?

      You can reach me at anglico at bluenc dot com

      James Protzman

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