We’ve got provisions

A special provision in North Carolina usage is a section of text in the appropriations act explaining or limiting appropriations, amending statutes to conform to fiscal changes, amending statutes in a substantive way, or setting out total amounts appropriated.

An analysis of the House passed budget (HB1473-5th edition) and the Senate passed budget (HB1473-8th edition) shows a total of 404 provisions.  Of those, 163 are identical in both bills, 121 appear in both bills but are different, 67 appear only in the Senate version, and 53 appear only in the House version.


One Response to We’ve got provisions

  1. Anglico says:

    Hi Gerry.

    I’ve received a dozen or so emails with questions about what happens now with the budget . . . and I don’t have any good answers.

    Would you be willing to do a live-blogging session at BlueNC sometime (soon?) to help us citizens understand what the process looks like, who’s on first, etc?

    You can reach me at anglico at bluenc dot com

    PS I posted this lower after reading some other posts, but thought I’d drag it to the top just in case you’re not checking old posts.

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