Table of laws amended this year

The North Carolina legislative website has a page to search the General Statutes (our compliation of public laws) which is current to January 1, 2007 as well as searchable Session Laws, which goes back to 1963 and is current to bills that have become law during the 2007 Regular Session.

One of the lesser known research tools is a compilation updated several times per week that shows each General Statute and Session Law amended in 2007. It is organized by Chapter # for both law bases. On our Bills, SLs and NCGS Reports page, you can click on “NCGS and Session Laws Affected by 2007 Ratified Bills” to get the .pdf file.  The table even includes public bills on the Governor’s desk for action, these are distinguished with an “R” for ratified under the 2007 Session Law chapter number, indicating they have passed both houses but are not yet law.


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