Bill status tip: actions on the most recent day

Need to keep up with bill actions on the most recent day of session?

The North Carolina online bill status system allows you to query our database for this on the fly.  Here’s how:

1) Go to our simple bill inquiry page

2) Use the pulldown menu to choose the session for the search (default is the current session, 2007-2008.) Click on “Next”.

3) Click in the “last action date” box. Click “Next”.

4) Enter the date range in the left and right input boxes. For example, for July 3,  2007, enter 07032007 in both boxes. Click “search”.

You will get a results screen in order of bill number, with bill number, short title, (both hyperlinked) and the last action taken.

 This feature does NOT produce all actions on earlier days in the session, since it only returns bills on a day that the most recent action was taken on that bill. It’s a good tool DURING a day to keep up with actions, or that night or the next morning to look back at the most recent day.



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