More bill status tips

Here are some more bill status reports that are available:

1) Bill in conference committee.

2) Bills scheduled to be ratified (meaning the last legislative action has been taken on a bill) Ratification is the step where the presiding officers of each house sign a copy of the bill in open session to certify it is what was passed.

3) Bills pending on the Governor’s desk. Until adjournment until 2008, the Governor has 10 days to act, with the day AFTER it is delivered to the Governor being day 1. Action is required by midnight on day 10.  The Governor can sign the bill, veto it, or take no action.  If no action is taken, the bill becomes law at the very beginning of day 11. Bills pending on the Governor’s desk at adjournment until 2008 (or delivered to him thereafter) have 30 days for action, with day 1 being the day after the adjournment over to 2008.  For bills pending at adjournment where the 10 days had not run out, a new 30-day clock starts.


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