2007 session ahead of 2005 pace of enactments

The 2007 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly is ahead of the same point in 2005 based on laws enacted and joint resolutions ratified.  As of Friday July 5, 2007, there have been 185 laws enacted this year, a 10.1% increase over the same point in the 2005 Session. Ratified Joint Resolutions are up 36.8%.

The 2005 Regular Session convened January 26, 2005.  The 2007 Regular Session convened January 24, 2007.

In 2005, we got to 185 laws enacted on July 12,  three days later in the session. As of July 7, 2005 (same point in the session) we had enacted 168 laws.  The 2005 Regular Session enacted a total of 463 laws before adjourning over to 2006.

For Joint Resolutions, we are currently at Resolution 2007-52, we got to that point on 2005 on August 23.  As of July 7, 2005, we had ratified 38 joint resolutions.


The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that  the recently adjourned Kansas legislature enacted 202 laws this year.  UPDATE: Alabama just adjourned after passong 190 laws. I’ll try to dig up info on some other states.


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