2007 session pace of enactments up 16% over 2005

The 2007 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly is well ahead of the same point in 2005 based on laws enacted and joint resolutions ratified.  As of Friday July 20, 2007, there have been 253 laws enacted this year, a 16% increase over the 218 enacted at the same point in the 2005 Session. Ratified Joint Resolutions are up 35.7%.

In 2005, we got to 253 laws enacted on August 5, 2005,  16 days later in the session. As of July 23, 2005 (same point in the session) we had enacted 218 laws.  The 2005 Regular Session enacted a total of 463 laws before adjourning on September 2, 2005 over to 2006.

For Joint Resolutions, we are currently at Resolution 2007-57, we got to that point on 2005 on August 24.  As of July 23, 2005, we had ratified 42 joint resolutions. The 2005 long session ratified a total of 58 joint resolutions.

The 2005 Regular Session convened January 26, 2005.  The 2007 Regular Session convened January 24, 2007. The 2005 Regular Session ended September 2, 2005, the Governor had until October 2, 2005 to sign bills into law.


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