Stats on 2007 NC session: enactments up 19%

As of adjournment of the 2007 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly on August 2, 2007 over to the short session on May 13, 2008:

  1. 419 bills have made it all the way through the process, with 344 laws enacted, 68 joint resolutions ratified, 4 House resolutions adopted, and 3 Senate resolutions  adopted
  2. 208 bills are on the Governor’s desk.  The 344 laws enacted plus the 208 bills pending gubernatorial signature could result in up to 552 laws enacted, a potential 19% increase from the 463 enacted in the 2005 long session.
  3. There are 4 bills still in conference committee.
  4. The House has passed 273 Senate bills, while the Senate has passed 357 House bills, for a total of 630 bills that have passed both houses (many of those bills have moved on to categories 1-4 above, but some are still pending concurrence votes or are in conference).
  5. The House has passed  500 House bills while the Senate has passed 368 Senate bills, for a total of 868 bills that have passed at least one house. (many of those bills have moved on to categories 1-5 above).
  6. 3645 bills were filed, 2072 House bills and 1573 Senate bills.

With adjournment of the session on Thursday, August 2, 2007, the Governor has 30 days after adjournment to act on bills, with August 3 being day 1.   The 30-day period concludes at midnight, Saturday, September 1, 2007.  Any bills not acted on by the deadline become law on Sunday, September 2, 2007. Bills sent to the Governor prior to adjournment where the 10-day limit had not run out at adjournment have a new 30-day clock.

(note 1: some bill status links above will not have final updates by the Principal Clerk’s offices until Friday morning, August 3)  (note 2: “bill” includes, bills joint resolutions and resolutions)


One Response to Stats on 2007 NC session: enactments up 19%

  1. Virgil L. McBride says:

    You and the staff are outstanding workers and creative information sources. Thanks for your depth and efficient and wI ell-timed work in behalf of all interested parties. You have been fair, accurate, and informative for all North Carolinians!

    VLM with appreciation and best wishes.

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