What were you searching for? UPDATED

I get a report each day on persons who come to this blog after a Google search, including what phrase they were searching for. Here is the list for Wednesday, August 8:


John Turcotte AND NC General Assembly  

How many bills passed in North Carolina     

Otto Von Bismarck                                           

North Carolina Legislature                              

North Carolina Legislative Updates               

Eszter Vajda                                                        

ncga legislative calendar                                  

budget timelines                                                 

NC Legislative Wrap-up, 2007                        

waste management act of 2007 governor      


I hope the person searching for Bismarck had a good day.

UPDATE: Searches for August 20 that led to my blog:


Search Views
otto von bismarck pictures 2
history of drafting 1

I hope there is no connection between the second and third items.


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