20 bills remain; next actions posted 3 pm Saturday

As of 2 p.m. Friday, August 31, 2007, 20 bills remain on the Governor’s desk for action by the midnight Saturday deadline.  Any bills not signed or vetoed by then become law Sunday, September 2, 2007. We plan to process Saturday and Sunday the last days of bill signings.  Any bills signed Friday evening will be posted on this site around 3 pm on Saturday. Any bills that might become law without the Governor’s signature might not be processed until after the Labor Day holiday, however.

Our “pending on the Governor’s desk link” might still show those 20 bills until Tuesday, but the “laws enacted in 2007” link will update as soon as the bills are processed here.

The current list of bills pending appears after the jump:

Bills Pending on the Governor’s Desk

Total Bills: 20

Bill Short Title Action Date Action Text
H265   Establish Health Insurance Risk Pool. H 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/2/2007
H433   State Food Festival. H 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/2/2007
H454   Identity Theft. H 07/27/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/27/2007
H773 = S886 Protect Military Personnel/Life Insurance.-AB H 07/27/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/27/2007
H810 = S843 Clarify/Extend Animal Waste Mgt. Provisions. H 07/27/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/27/2007
H1005 = S1457 Various Transportation Changes/Study. H 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/3/2007
H1277   Drivers License Revocation for ABC Violation. H 07/23/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/23/2007
H1372   Organ and Tissue Donation/The Heart Prevails. H 07/27/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/27/2007
H1500   DNA Evidence/Preserve & Access by Defendant. H 07/24/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/24/2007
H1517   Voter-Owned Elections Pilot. H 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/2/2007
H1671   Arbitration/Negligent Health Care Actions. H 07/23/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/23/2007
H1702   Conserve Energy/Insulate Hot Water Plumbing. H 07/26/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/26/2007
S6   Amend Solid Waste Management Act of 2007 S 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/2/2007
S56 = H94 Penalty Review/LTC Changes. S 07/28/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/28/2007
S514   Deceptive Advertising of Business Location. S 07/24/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/24/2007
S668 = H1075 Energy Conservation in State Buildings. S 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/3/2007
S1079 = H974 Protections for Victims of Human Trafficking. S 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/3/2007
S1466   Migrant Housing Health/Safety S 07/24/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/24/2007
S1468   Promote Innovative Water Protection Efforts. S 07/24/2007 Pres. To Gov. 7/24/2007
S1492 = H1233 Solid Waste Management Act of 2007. S 08/02/2007 Pres. To Gov. 8/3/2007

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