Laws amended in 2007

Researching North Carolina laws and need to find out if a General Statute or local act was amended in 2007? One of our lesser known staff-produced research tools available to the public is a compilation that shows each General Statute and Session Law amended in 2007. It is organized by Chapter # for both law bases.  It contain the following columns:

  1. Citation in numerical order.
  2. Link to the Session Law.
  3. Section of the Session Law affecting the statute
  4. Bill Number
  5. Effective date of amendment

You can also find it on our website via the following menu tree:

Shortcuts (right column)>General Statutes>NC Statutes and Session Laws affected by ratified bills>NCGS and Session Laws Affected by 2007 Ratified Bills.

During session, the table even includes public bills on the Governor’s desk for action, these are distinguished with an “R” for ratified under the 2007 Session Law chapter number, indicating they have passed both houses but are not yet law. Vetoed statutes are also listed.

The compilation is kept and updated by Myra Torain of the Bill Drafting Division.


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