27 counties set transfer/sales tax referenda

I got an email* from Keith Long and Don Wright at the State Board of Elections listing the 28 27 counties that are scheduled to hold land transfer or sales tax referenda on November 6, 2007. Additionally, Mecklenburg County is voting on a sales tax for public transit. Two maps and a list are below. *corrected by Todd McGee with the NC Association of County Commissioners.

UPDATE: Polk County has delayed its transfer tax referendum until November, 2008

CATAWBA          Sales Tax
COLUMBUS       Sales Tax
GREENE             Sales Tax
HERTFORD       Sales Tax
LENOIR              Sales Tax
MARTIN            Sales Tax
PITT                   Sales Tax
ROBESON         Sales Tax
SAMPSON         Sales Tax
SURRY               Sales Tax
BRUNSWICK     Transfer Tax
CHATHAM         Transfer Tax
GATES               Transfer Tax
HENDERSON     Transfer Tax
HOKE                 Transfer Tax
MACON              Transfer Tax
MOORE             Transfer Tax
PENDER            Transfer Tax
POLK                  Transfer Tax  changed to May, 2008
SWAIN               Transfer Tax
UNION               Transfer Tax
WASHINGTON   Transfer Tax**
DAVIE                Transfer/Sales
GRAHAM           Transfer/Sales
HARNETT          Transfer/Sales
JOHNSTON        Transfer/Sales
RUTHERFORD   Transfer/Sales
MECKLENBURG  Public Transit Sales Tax

** Washington County is voting on a 1% land transfer tax under a 1989 local act rather than the 0.4% tax authorized by the 2007 legislation.

 First map (link to .pdf, .png image below) shows counties holding transfer tax, sales tax, or transit tax referenda this fall, second map (link to .pdf, .png image below) just shows transfer tax and sales tax votes: (NOTE Maps still include Polk County which has delayed referendum until May, 2008)


2 Responses to 27 counties set transfer/sales tax referenda

  1. Todd McGee says:

    According to information we have gotten from counties, three others are planning a November referendum. Hertford and Robeson are going for the sales tax, and Rutherford is putting both options on the ballot.

  2. gercohen says:

    thanks Todd, those three counties have been added.

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