List of laws effective each month

We often get requests from the media (and lobbyists, members, and the public) that go like this “Do you have a list of laws effective _____(fill in month)?”.  Editors especially like lists of laws effective January 1.

Our legislative library has put together and posted a list of North Carolina laws enacted in 2007 effective each month from July 2007 through January 2008. It covers through the extra session held September 10-11. It’s a 28 page .pdf file.

Here’s how many laws become effective each month:

July 2007: 40

August 2007: 9

September 2007: 7

October 2007: 69

November 2007: none

December 2007: 45

January 2008: 40

The list is in order for each month by chapter number (chronological) and has a link to the text of the law and the bill status report.


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