Rufus sighting

I was shocked a few weeks ago when I heard that lobbyist Rufus Edmisten had been hospitalized and partially paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  Edmisten, who served 10 years as North Carolina’s Attorney General and 8 years as Secretary of State, has been lobbying the last decade.

Not to worry, I ran into Rufus tonight at Golden Corral restaurant on Glenwood Avenue. It was Rufus’ first jaunt out after his hospital discharge, and his spirits were chipper.  He said to ignore any rumors that he had lost a leg or was still paralyzed. He said he planned to be back in the office a bit this week.  Rufus was navigating well with a walker. His voice was a bit raspy, Rufus said one of the side effects of G-B had been a temporary vocal cord collapse, but said that was on the mend, too. 

Rufus has an email address listed at his website, I’m sure that good wishes would be welcome.

2003 photo of Rufus stolen from his website.


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