Short session eligible bills

Our Legislative Librarian Cathy Martin has posted a memo with a list of 212 bills eligible for the short session because they passed one house prior to the May 24, 2007 crossover deadline. I had posted last month details on the adjournment resolution that governs the 2008 reconvened (short) session. In addition to an explanation of the joint rules for the short session, Cathy’s memo has the text of the adjournment resolution, and a list of the bills that passed one house.

Of the 212 bills on the list, two are in conference committee and four are back in the first house on the issue of concurrence.  The remainder are in the second house awaiting action.

The list does not include bills filed in 2007 that may be eligible because they directly and primarily affect the state budget.

UPDATE 9/26: The list of eligible bills now has live hyperlinks to bill status (and then to the bill text) for each bill.


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