Transportation presentations from Charlotte, January 16

Most of the visual presentations from the 21st Century Transportation Committee meeting in Charlotte on January 16, 2008 are now online.  The only omitted presentation is the Urban Congestion video, and we hope to get a link to that up shortly.

Presentations from the full committee (in alphabetical order):

Charlotte Public Transportation (Keith T. Parker) 1-16-2008

NCDOT Transit and Rail State Perspective (Miriam Perry) 1-16-2008

North Carolina Railroad presentation (Scott Saylor) 1-16-2008

Regional Demographics (Jeff Michael) 01-16-08

Regional Roads Committee Report (Bob Morgan and Allen Tate) 1-16-2008

Urban Congestion-City of Charlotte (Jim Humphreys) 1-16-2008

Presentations from the Finance Committee:

DOT Presentation
HF and HTF Budget and Transfers

Presentations from the Intermodal Committee (in chronological order):

6. Charlotte 2030 Transportation presentation to Intermodal Committee (Keith T. Parker) 1-16-2008
7. Norfolk Southern Corporation comments (Robert E. Martinez) 1-16-2008

Note that the Keith Parker Charlotte transit presentation to the Intermodal Committee is a longer version of the one made to the full committee.


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