Sales/Transfer tax referenda 2007/2008

last September I posted about local sales and transfer tax referenda that were authorized by the 2007 North Carolina General Assembly.

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners has just published a chart showing both the 18 counties scheduling 2008 referenda, but also the 2007 results. They also have a short analysis piece on the 2007 and 2008 referenda.

 Here is the 2008 list, updated January 22, 2008:

2008 Local Option Revenue Referendums
County Revenue option When Outcome
Alexander Sales Jan. 8 Successful
Burke Sales Nov. 4
Caswell Sales May 6
Duplin Sales May 6
Edgecombe Sales May 6
Gates Land transfer May 6
Guilford Sales May 6
Henderson Sales May 6
Lee Undecided May 6
Lincoln Sales May 6
Nash Sales May 6
Onslow Sales May 6
Orange Undecided May 6
Pamlico Land transfer May 6
Polk Land transfer Nov. 4
Wayne Sales May 6
Wilkes Sales Nov. 4
Wilson Sales May 6

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