2007 NC Fiscal Highlights report released

Here’s a release out today from the North Carolina General Assembly Fiscal Research Division: 

“The Highlights document summarizing fiscal and budgetary decisions made by the General Assembly in the 2007 Session has been completed and is available on the Fiscal Research Division website This document represents a thorough redesign of reports produced annually since 1973. Users will note several improvements that make the new publication more informative.  Most importantly, it is no longer confined to a detailed listing of changes made by the General Assembly to the general fund component of the Governor’s Recommended Budget.   Instead, it brings into view total state expenditures for which the legislature is accountable, including expenditures from non-general fund sources.  

 While virtually every member of the Fiscal Research staff was involved in the substantial effort that has led to this new document, special recognition owes to Karen Hammonds-Blanks and the work group she chaired.  Without their hard work and relentless “encouragement”, the rock would yet lie at the bottom of the hill. We also received generous assistance from Kelly Stallings and her colleagues in the Information Systems Division. Despite our best efforts, errors of design or fact may remain.   Readers are invited to offer corrections or suggestions.  Any significant factual mistakes brought to our attention will be noted in an ‘Errata’ attachment posted to the Fiscal Research Division website.”

The highlights is a 378-page .pdf file


2 Responses to 2007 NC Fiscal Highlights report released

  1. Does the General Assembly fund components get dictated by the governors office?

  2. gercohen says:

    FBJ: are you asking about the General Assembly budget itself, or how the budget for all of state government is structured

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