surprise: 1872-73 and 1879 laws online

Yesterday, I was doing some research for fun, and at Google typed in “Chapel Hill Iron Mountain Railroad” (the original name of the railroad opened from Chapel Hill north to just eats of Hillsborough in 1882) and found that Google had digitized the 1872-73 public and local acts as well as the Laws of 1879.

 Back in August, I posted that we had put the 770 local acts from the 1961 North Carooina General Assembly online. These local acts can be browsed in order of enactment, or searched in our session law database. The 1959 local acts have now been scanned in, and we anticipate adding them to our database in late summer. At that point, we will have 50 years of local acts and 25 years of public laws online. We were planning to stop the project of digitizing old laws, in the hope that perhaps others would have taken up that task. It looks like they have!  The old laws that Google has out up are in the public domain, I will check on the copyright law ramifications of migrating their digitized copies of those law books to our site or properly linking to them, as well as finding out how much more is out there!

UPDATE: More NC laws found online:

Private Laws of 1870-71

Laws of 1889


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