NCSL features Terry Sullivan’s retirement

As I previously mentioned, longtime Research Division Director Terry Sullivan retired last week after 36 years on our North Carolina legislative staff.  Now, the National Conference of State Legislature’s great blog The Thicket at State Legislatures has a great feature on Terry. Here’s a snip:

“This week, for the first time in 36 years, the North Carolina Legislature is operating without Terry Sullivan in its employment.  Another legislative lion has retired.  Terry worked at the research division all those years and served as its director for most of them.  He guided his nonpartisan agency though some pretty tough political times, always keeping a low personal profile while fostering confidence in his staff from Democrats and Republicans alike.  Being the quiet and deferential man that he is, Terry probably does not invite any of the attention that his retirement has garnered … Terry’s departure, of course, is representative of the exodus of veteran staff directors taking place in legislatures across the country.  We have speculated on this trend and what it means for agencies like Terry’s research group.  Who will follow in his example? Will we see people join this kind of nonpartisan public service who are willing to work behind the scenes for so many years, confident enough in their contribution that they can live without their 15 minutes of fame?”


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