remaining 2008 bill eligibility

With the passing of today’s 4:00 pm deadline for local and pension bills, only the following categories of bills and resolutions remain eligible for introduction in the 2008 short session of the North Carolina General Assembly under the adjournment resolution. There is no deadline on any of these other than (12). Note that bills under category (7) can not be filed UNTIL an authorizing resolution has passed each house by 2/3 vote. Some explanations appear after the list.



(*2*)                   Bills amending the Constitution of North Carolina.


(*6*)                   Selection, appointment, or confirmation of members of State boards and commissions as required by law, including the filling of vacancies of positions for which the appointees were elected by the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, President of the Senate, or President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

(*7*)                   Any matter authorized by joint resolution passed during the 2008 Regular Session by a two‑thirds majority of the members of the House of Representatives present and voting and by a two‑thirds majority of the members of the Senate present and voting. A bill or resolution filed in either house under the provisions of this subdivision shall have a copy of the ratified enabling resolution attached to the jacket before filing for introduction in the Senate or introduction in the House of Representatives.

(*8*)                   A joint resolution authorizing the introduction of a bill pursuant to subdivision (7) of this section.


(*10*)                 Joint resolutions, House resolutions, and Senate resolutions authorized for introduction under Senate Rule 40(b) or House Rule 31.

(*11*)                 A joint resolution adjourning the 2007 Regular Session, sine die.

(*12*)                 Bills to disapprove rules under G.S. 150B‑21.3.


                                    NOTES: Resolutions under category (10) might include those honoring the memory of a deceased former member, authorize astudy of a subject by the Legislative Research Commission, or deal with some matter internal to the procedures of either house or the General Assembly. Bills in category (12) must be filed by the end of the 30th legislative day, which is Wednesday, July 2, assuming sessions only on Monday-Thursday before then.



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