Tracking bills as the legislative pace picks up

As the 2008 Regular Session of the North Carolina General speeds up, there are a few bill tracking features on our website I’d like to point out:

1) Bill and joint resolutions that have been enacted in 2008, in order by enactment date, or by bill number.

2) Public bills signed by the Governor covering both years, in order by bill number. (covers both years)

3) Bills acted on in the 2008 short session.

4) Bills pending on the Governor’s desk.

5) Bills scheduled to be ratified (they have passed all parliamentary stages except signature by the presiding officers in the House and Senate). Ratification is the step before public bills go to the Governor or local bills become law.

6) Bills in conference.
7) General Statutes amended by bills enacted in 2008.

Most of these reports are current within a day, but some actions Thursday evening and Friday (and the weekend, too) by the Governor are often not shown until Monday afternoon.

There also lots of other reports available on our bill reports page.


2 Responses to Tracking bills as the legislative pace picks up

  1. Paula Wolf says:

    How many times has the General Assembly actually passed their budget on or before June 30th in the last 10 years?

  2. gercohen says:

    Paula, I cover this topic here for long sessions:

    Long session budgets were enacted into law before July 1 in the following long sessions : 1973 (May 16), 1963 (June 5), 1979 (June 7), 1965 (June 10), 1961 (June 15), 1969 (June 16), 1975 and 1995 (June 26), 1985 (June 27), 1977 (June 29), and 1971, 1999, and 2003 (June 30).

    for short sessions, find info here:

    2000 June 30
    1984 June 25
    1982 June 22
    1980 June 20
    1978 June 16
    1976 May 14

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