Bills pending on the Governor’s desk

We have a webpage listing bills on Governor’s Easley’s desk for action.

He has 10 days to act on them while the General Assembly is still in session, with day one being the day AFTER it is delivered to him, and the time runs out at the END of the 10th day.  For example the deadline on HB2436 is 11:59 pm, Friday, July 18, 2008. If at sine die adjournment the 10 days has not run out on any bill on his desk, he has until the 30th day after sine die adjournment to act.

H2436   Modify Appropriations Act of 2007.     Pres. To Gov. 7/8/2008

As of Thursday afternoon July 10, there were 42 bills on his desk for action, listed below:

Bill Short Title     Action Text
H12   Students W/Disabilities & Special Ed Changes.     Pres. To Gov. 7/3/2008 
H44 = S27 DV Orders/Repeat Violators.     Pres. To Gov. 7/3/2008 
H93 = S57 Transport of Indiv. in Wheelchair Study.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H133   ATV for Beach Driving.     Pres. To Gov. 7/8/2008 
H738 = S870 Insurance Changes.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H821 = S846 Specify Out-of-State Areas For IBT Notice.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H1003 = S1461 Probation Violation Changes.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H1076   Fee Waiver/UNC & Community Colleges.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H1113   State Tort Claims/Public Duty Doctrine.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H1284   Breach/Construction Contract Accrual Date     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H1304   Student Loan Repayment for NC Guard Members.     Pres. To Gov. 7/1/2008 
H1549   Amend Appt. Process for Auctioneers Comm/n.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
H2127   RICCs repealed.     Pres. To Gov. 7/1/2008 
H2188   Earlier Notification of Mortgage Servicer Fee.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
H2306 = S1761 Children W/ Disab. in Resid. Treatment Prog.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H2338 = S1733 Hospital Report Child Injuries.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H2360 = S1763 Brd. Cert. Tchrs. Serve as Full-Time Mentors.     Pres. To Gov. 7/8/2008 
H2364 = S1694 Air Space Encroachment for City Of Wilmington.     Pres. To Gov. 7/8/2008 
H2390 = S1750 Raise Ceiling on Personal Prop. Sale/Guardian.     Pres. To Gov. 7/2/2008 
H2391 = S1805 No Auto. Revoke/Driv. Lic./Incompetent Person.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H2436 = S2017 Modify Appropriations Act of 2007.     Pres. To Gov. 7/8/2008 
H2463   Regulate Mortgage Servicers.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H2487 = S1891 Change Format of Drivers Licenses/Under 21.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
H2523 = S1892 Autism Committee Recomendations.     Pres. To Gov. 7/8/2008 
H2524   Disapprove Dyed Milk Rule.     Pres. To Gov. 7/3/2008 
H2529   Extend Climate Change Commission 2008.     Pres. To Gov. 7/2/2008 
H2748   Disapprove State Personnel Commission Rules.     Pres. To Gov. 7/3/2008 
S212   Local Park and Rec Participant Records.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
S236   Regulation of Professional House Moving .     Pres. To Gov. 7/3/2008 
S847 = H822 Prevent Agricultural Pesticide Exposure.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
S1541   Interstate Compact/Educ. of Military Children.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
S1651 = H2223 Anatomical Gifts.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
S1669 = H2254 Community Colleges/Tobacco Free.     Pres. To Gov. 7/2/2008 
S1681 = H2252 Smoke-Free Motor Fleet.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
S1687 = H2371 Public Health Incubator Prgm Annual Report.     Pres. To Gov. 7/2/2008 
S1800 = H2311 MV Definitions/Fed. Compliance/ATV Use.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
S1825 = H2211 HEBOC Reporting and Meeting Requirements.     Pres. To Gov. 7/2/2008 
S1852 = H2446 Tax on Short-term Heavy Equipment Rentals.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
S1885 = H2502 Promote Private Compensatory Mitigation.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
S1955   Limited Release from Prison for Deportation.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 
S1957   NCGA Police Powers.     Pres. To Gov. 7/10/2008 
S2117 = H2746 Amend Substance Abuse Professionals Act.     Pres. To Gov. 7/9/2008 

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