Bills to be ratified

Our bills to be ratified page shows bills that have had all the final votes in the North Carolina General Assembly, have been ordered enrolled, and await signature by the presiding officers in both houses in open session.  Next step after that is delivery to the Governor of public bills and sending to the Secretary of State local bills that become law after they are signed by the Presiding officers as they are not subject to veto. Please note when using this resources that the linked bill text is the most recent engrossed edition of the bill. if the last bill status action is either “Conference Report adopted” or “Concurred in House/Senate amendment” those two last documents are not shown. If the last action is “Committee substitute concurred in” or “Passed Third Reading” then the text is correctly shown as it will be ratified.

Here is what is schedule to be ratified on Monday, July 14:

07/14/2008 H15, Some Personal Leave Time/No Penalty.
07/14/2008 H545, Clarify and Amend Various Provisions.
07/14/2008 H2075, Honor Reidsville Football Team.
07/14/2008 H2410, Special Asst. Income Disregard Study.
07/14/2008 H2496, State Parks System Additions.
07/14/2008 H2634, Caswell/Hunting on Private Property.
07/14/2008 H2728, Supplemental Retirement Bd Trustees/Inv Emp.
07/14/2008 S175, Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.
07/14/2008 S944, Change Penalty for Hit and Run Violations.
07/14/2008 S1339, Gasoline and Fuel Alcohol Blending.
07/14/2008 S1716, Supplemental PEG Support.
07/14/2008 S1766, Liability Protection for Private Entities.
07/14/2008 S1924, Require Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
07/14/2008 S1946, Codify Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings.
07/14/2008 S2015, School of Arts/Name Change.

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