1959 local acts online

The North Carolina online legislative database was updated yesterday with 909 local acts from the 1959 session. The laws were scanned from the bound volumes, proofread, and uploaded. These local acts can be browsed in order of enactment, or searched in our session law database. The 909 local acts from 1959 were identified from among the total of 1338 enactments from the 1959 session.  Our session law database now contains all local acts from 1959 through 1982, and all session laws (local and public) from 1983 to date.

We’ve been going back one legislative session (two years) each year and scanning local acts.  We’ve to date not posted public laws from 1959 through 1982 to reduce the expense of the project (all laws since 1983 are online because that was the year we began saving all acts in an electronic format at the time of enactment).  With a half-century of laws now online, we’ll be exploring a different way of adding to our digital holdings — we might try to fill in the missing public acts or go back farther in time — or both. Here’s an abstract of a session I attended at the National Conference of State Legislature’s Annual Summit in New Orleans this week that gave us an idea of a potentially cheaper and faster way to add more laws:

7:45 am – 9:45 am Internet Archive and the Ontario Legislative Assembly Collaborative Project
Hilton Riverside Eglinton Winton–Second Floor    

How can researchers get access to old and fragile legislative books and records without jeopardizing venerable materials? Learn about the collaborative project between the Internet Archive and the Ontario Legislative Assembly, in which journals are scanned and made available to the public through the Internet Archive. Discuss the implications and gain practical advice for implementing a similar project.

  • Moderator: Judy Smith, State Library of Louisiana
  • Speakers: Peter Ellinger, Library Technology Applications, Legislative Assembly of Ontario
  • Robert Miller, Internet Archive, California

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