Day 10 of 30: Governor Easley signs 26 bills

Governor Easley signed 26 bills into law on Monday, July 28, 2008, day ten of 30 days for gubernatorial action. This leaves 87 bills pending on the Governor’s desk.

The 26 new laws are:

S.L. # Bill # Short Title HTML PDF
2008-117 H933 Jessica Lunsford Act for NC HTML PDF
2008-118 H2438 2008 Budget Technical Corrections HTML PDF
2008-119 S4 Report Race and Ethnicity Data-Public Health HTML PDF
2008-120 S175 Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact HTML PDF
2008-121 H93 Transport of Indiv. in Wheelchair Study HTML PDF
2008-122 S180 Prohibit Certain Game Promotion HTML PDF
2008-123 H685 Allow Smart Start to Retain Unexpended Funds HTML PDF
2008-124 H738 Insurance Changes HTML PDF
2008-125 H821 Specify Out-of-State Areas For IBT Notice HTML PDF
2008-126 S212 Local Park and Rec Participant Records HTML PDF
2008-127 H964 Expand Definition of Home Care Services HTML PDF
2008-128 S944 Change Penalty for Hit and Run Violations HTML PDF
2008-129 H1003 Probation Violation Changes HTML PDF
2008-130 S2117 Amend Substance Abuse Professionals Act HTML PDF
2008-131 S1770 Expand Medical Examiner Jurisdiction/Funds HTML PDF
2008-132 H2728 Supplemental Retirement Bd Trustees/Inv Emp HTML PDF
2008-133 H1624 Frequency of Parole Reviews HTML PDF
2008-134 S1704 Rev Laws Tech., Clarifying, & Admin Changes HTML PDF
2008-135 H1076 Fee Waiver/UNC & Community Colleges HTML PDF
2008-136 H1134 Cleanup of Abandoned Manufactured Homes HTML PDF
2008-137 S1046 Yadkin Project Study HTML PDF
2008-138 H1549 Amend Appt. Process for Auctioneers Comm/n HTML PDF
2008-139 H1284 Breach/Construction Contract Accrual Date HTML PDF
2008-140 S1259 Public Water Service Warranties HTML PDF
2008-141 S1340 Sale of Blocks of Ten-Day CRFLs HTML PDF
2008-142 S1100 SHP Funeral Expenses HTML PDF

Under Article II, Section 22 of the Constitution, the Governor has 30 days after adjournment to act

Under Article II, Section 22 of the Constitution, the Governor has 30 days after adjournment to act on all pending bills, with July 19 being day one.   The 30-day period concludes at midnight, Sunday, August 17, 2008.  Any bills not acted on by the deadline become law on Monday, August 18, 2008. Bills sent to the Governor prior to adjournment where the 10-day limit had not run out at adjournment have a new 30-day clock.

2008 laws enacted are listed here in order of becoming law, and here in order of bill number.  These links are normally updated within a few business hours of action being taken.


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