old NC laws online

I recently posted that we had added local acts from 1959 to our North Carolina session law database, which now includes local acts from 1959 through 1982 and all laws from 1983 to date. As noted, we’re going to explore other ways of filling in earlier laws for researchers inside and outside the North Carolina General Assembly as well as filling in the public laws from 1959 through 1982.

I took a look at various online sources today to see what North Carolina laws others had digitized, and came up with the following in book in the public domain searchable and downloadable at Googlebooks:

1) Laws of North Carolina 1715-1776 (compendium in State Records of North Carolina volume XXIII), Begins with Revisal of 1715, a compendium of six laws enacted before then.

2) Laws of North Carolina 1789-90 and omitted laws 1669-1783 (acts of 1668 begin at page 119) (compendium in State Records of North Carolina volume XXV)

3) Public and Private laws of 1866-67

4) Public Laws of 1868-69

5) Private Laws of 1870-71

6) Public Laws of 1871-72

7) Public and Private Laws of 1872-73 

8) Laws of 1888-89

9) Public Laws of 1908


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