The 45 bills still pending on August 7

As of close of business Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 45 bills remained on Governor Easley’s desk for action.  Under Article II, Section 22 of the Constitution, the Governor has 30 days after adjournment to act on all pending bills, with July 19 being day one.   The 30-day period concludes at midnight, Sunday, August 17, 2008.  Any bills not acted on by the deadline become law on Monday, August 18, 2008. Bills sent to the Governor prior to adjournment where the 10-day limit had not run out at adjournment have a new 30-day clock.

the 45 bills are listed below:

Bill # Short Title Pres. to Gov.
H15 Some Personal Leave Time/No Penalty 07/14/2008
H274 Street Gang Prevention Act 07/16/2008
H545 (=S613) Clarify and Amend Various Provisions 07/14/2008
H819 (=S844) Electronic Recycling Amends/Add TVs 07/17/2008
H2167 Towing of Recreational Boats/Exemption 07/17/2008
H2188 Earlier Notification of Mortgage Servicer Fee 07/10/2008
H2340 Transporting Children in Open Bed of Vehicle 07/18/2008
H2463 Regulate Mortgage Servicers 07/09/2008
H2487 (=S1891) Change Format of Drivers Licenses/Under 21 07/09/2008
H2498 (=S1936) Underground Storage Tank Pgrm Amends-2008 07/17/2008
H2530 Solid Waste Tax Changes/Unsalable OTP Refund 07/17/2008
H2542 (=S1874) Clarify Ethics and Lobbying Laws 07/18/2008
H2558 Home Inspector Privilege License 07/18/2008
H2623 Emergency Foreclosure Reduction Program 07/17/2008
H2768 Orange/Hunting on Private Property 07/15/2008
H2785 (=S2157) State Take Cape Fear Locks/DAMS 1, 2, and 3 07/16/2008
S132 Protect Children From Sexual Predators Act 07/18/2008
S685 =(H690) UP Penalties Cross Burn/Illeg. to Hang Noose 07/18/2008
S845 (=H820) Amend Env. Laws/Env. Tech. Corrections 2008 07/18/2008
S847 (=H822) Prevent Agricultural Pesticide Exposure 07/10/2008
S942 Prohibit Restricting Newspaper Distribution 07/16/2008
S1214 Amend Interstate Compact/Adult Offenders.-AB 07/17/2008
S1314 (=H1426) Amend Massage & Bodywork Therapy Act 07/15/2008
S1339 Gasoline and Fuel Alcohol Blending 07/14/2008
S1541 Interstate Compact/Educ. of Military Children 07/10/2008
S1627 (=H2269) Certified Retirement Community Program 07/18/2008
S1632 (=H2177) 2008 Technical Corrections Act 07/18/2008
S1652 (=H2100) Prog. Eval. Div./Technical Amendments 07/17/2008
S1695 (=H2408) Vehicle Size and Weight Changes 07/17/2008
1697 Toll Enforcement Authority Changes 07/18/2008
S1736 (=H2341) Sex Offender/Register E-Mail Address 07/15/2008
S1766 (=H2407) Liability Protection for Private Entities 07/14/2008
S1787 (=H2310) Vehicle Registration/Inspection Changes.-AB 07/15/2008
S1797 (=H2309) State Tire Contract 07/18/2008
S1799 (=H2319) DMV Record Checks and License Changes 07/17/2008
S1860 (=H2339) Amend Child Abuse/Child Fatality Task Force 07/15/2008
S1875 (=H2544) Clarify Auditor Hotline Authority/Sec. 07/18/2008
S1924 (=H2471) Require Carbon Monoxide Detectors 07/14/2008
S1925 UNC Nonapp. Cap. Projects/Airport Authority 07/18/2008
S1946 (=H2532) Codify Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings 07/14/2008
S1955 Limited Release from Prison for Deportation 07/09/2008
S1967 (=H2138) Improve Coastal Stormwater Management 07/15/2008
S2015 (=H2721) School of Arts/Name Change 07/14/2008
S2056 Court Fee Exemption 07/17/2008
S2081 (=H2747) NICS Reporting/Restoration 07/18/2008

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