day 21 of 30: nine more bills signed

In addition to six other bills already reported as being signed Friday, August 8, 2008, Governor Easley signed more nine bills into law on Friday, August 8, 2008, day 21 of 30 days for gubernatorial action.  This leaves 25 bills pending on the Governor’s desk.

The new laws are:

2008-196 S1652 Prog. Eval. Div./Technical Amendments. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-197 S685 UP Penalties Cross Burn/Illeg. to Hang Noose. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-198 S845 Amend Env. Laws/Env. Tech. Corrections 2008. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-199 S1955 Limited Release from Prison for Deportation. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-200 S1766 Liability Protection for Private Entities. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-201 S1797 State Tire Contract. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-202 S1799 DMV Record Checks and License Changes. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-203 S1946 Codify Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2008-204 S1925 UNC Nonapp. Cap. Projects/Airport Authority. HTML | RTF | PDF ]


Under Article II, Section 22 of the Constitution, the Governor has 30 days after adjournment to act on all pending bills, with July 19 being day one.   The 30-day period concludes at midnight, Sunday, August 17, 2008.  Any bills not acted on by the deadline become law on Monday, August 18, 2008. Bills sent to the Governor prior to adjournment where the 10-day limit had not run out at adjournment have a new 30-day clock.

2008 laws enacted are listed here in order of becoming law, and here in order of bill number.  These links are normally updated within a few business hours of action being taken.



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