Formatting changes mean shorter NC bills, less paper

Effective for the 2009 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly, we are making formatting changes to all new legislative drafting documents (drafts, bills, amendments, proposed committee substitutes, conference reports, and conference committee substitutes). This should enable a significant reduction in the number of pages many legislative documents take, reducing printing and processing costs and speeding production. A test of the formatting changes showed that one bill that was 200 pages under the old formatting was reduced to 163 pages with the formatting changes, an 18.5% reduction.

The primary change was to reduce the font on legislative documents  from 13 point to 12 point.

Here are the other changes:
All Documents:
• Top Margin will be 0.6 inches (currently 1.0 inches)
• Bottom Margin will be 0.5 inches (currently 0.75 inches)
• Header and Footer Distance will be 0.25 inches from the page margin (currently 0.50 inches)
• Bar code will be added to the front page of every document. (This will enable more automated processing of documents, although no automation using the bar code is planned at the beginning of the session. This will take up about a line of space on the first page only.)

Proposed Committee Substitutes, and Proposed Conference Committee Substitutes:
• 2 extra blank lines will be removed from the first page header, immediately after the Bill History.

Amendments and Conference Reports:
• The State Seal will be removed from the  header on all pages except for page 1.
• Three lines (see below) in the header of the amendment will be moved up 3 lines and will share the space that contains the date:
Comm. Sub. [xx]
Amends Title [xx]
xx Edition

Draft bills now circulating that were produced after January 5 are in the new format. Drafts done earlier will be converted at the time they are prepared for filing.


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