new email addresses over at the NCGA, but don’t worry

Our primary email addresses at the NC General Assembly have changed again, though the old ones will still operate as aliases for the forseeable future, so need to worry about your address books.

When we moved into the internet age in the late 1990s, we started with the balky email server and domain name <> Now, THAT was a mouthful. Evenetually, we went to <> as an easier to remember moniker. Mail sent to <> still automatically forwards!

Before the @, we used to be firstnamelastinitial  which lead to a lot of problems when different persons had the same first name and the same first letter of a last name, we kept adding letters, like (all hypothetical names) in order of employment: Pat Richards Pat Richardson Pat Ricco

Now, we we have moved to firstname.lastname  or when two persons have the same first and last name, the second one gets firstname.middleinitial.lastname

For those of you out there using our email addresses, no need to change them, though I found that when I changed from gerryc to gerry.cohen at the beginning of the month, listservs began rejecting my posts as they could not find me on their list of approved senders/members.

I’m not listing any full email addresses in this post lest they be indexed by spambot spiders and my spam increases from 98% to 99%, but you can find me at gerry.cohen @ (remove spaces) instead of gerryc @ (remove spaces). 

gerryc @ still works

My first internet email address?  Spam that at will, I closed my account in 1995.


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