NC floor amendments online

We’ve added another upgrade to the North Carolina legislative website — copies of floor amendments beginning with opening day of the 2009 Regular Session. In the past, to get a floor amendment, you had to go to the bill books in either of the two legislative libraries, where copies of all amendments were filed  within 24 hours with the bill they relate to.

Now, floor amendments (whether passed or failed) will be scanned and uploaded with a link to the bill status page.  For example, there were three floor amendments to Senate Resolution 1. For those amendments prepared by staff, the barcode when scanned links the amendment to the correct bill status page.  The upload is NOT a MSWord document, but a .pdf of a scan (note the three amendments  to SR1 all have handwritten material on them), and some floor amendments are entirely in handwriting.

Here is a cut and paste of the bill status page for SR1, note the hotlinks to the amendments:

Senate Resolution 1
2009-2010 Session

2009 Permanent Senate Rules.




Text Fiscal Note
Filed [HTML]

Edition 1 [HTML]

Adopted [HTML]

Status: Adopted on 01/28/2009
Primary: Tony Rand
Co: N/A
Attributes: Public;  
Vote History
Date Subject RCS # Aye No N/V Exc. Abs. Exc. Vote Total Result
01/28/2009 12:56PM Amendment 3 [S] – 3 17 32 1 0 0 49 FAILED
01/28/2009 12:56PM Motion 7\To Adopt [S] – 4 31 18 1 0 0 49 PASSED
Viewing Last 2 Vote(s) View All Votes

Date Chamber Action
01/28/2009 Senate Filed
01/28/2009 Senate Placed On Cal For 1/28/2009
01/28/2009 Senate Amend Failed #1
01/28/2009 Senate Amend Failed #2
01/28/2009 Senate Amend Failed #3
01/28/2009 Senate Adopted

2 Responses to NC floor amendments online

  1. John A. Shaw says:

    This is another very good addition to the website. Thanks.

    My wish list still includes bill analysis, archives of the Senate and committee audio, and amendments (including PCSs) from committees. But the General Assembly is making good progress.

    I know that it has been proposed that sessions be televised. That will be very helpful (if archived) but the cost may be a problem during these times. The amendments and the audio archive do more to provide public access to the General Assembly at a lower cost.

  2. Kris says:

    I too would like committee amendments online

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