N&O feature on Penny Williams 50th anniversary of hiring on NCGA staff

Penny Williams, Legislative Assistant to Senator David Hoyle, is featured in a great article in today’s News & Observer.  Penny’s first day of employment at the General Assembly was Februry 4, 1959. Penny is the only current legislative employee who worked for the General Assembly prior to its move from the Capitol to the new State Legislative Building in 1963.

Here are some excerpts from the story:

Penny Williams remembers when government was a smaller and simpler enterprise. When Williams first went to work for the state legislature, 50 years ago this week, the House, Senate, governor and other state officials all worked under one roof, that of the state Capitol. The legislature met every other year, and lawmakers did most of their work face-to-face, often at a hotel bar. …..

Williams has taken some breaks from the legislature over the past five decades. In 1960, in need of a full-time job, she went to work for the state Board of Barber Examiners. Years later, Williams stayed home with her son and daughter, and then she worked at her church. She returned to work for the legislature in 1986.  ….

For the past 14 years, Williams has worked as an aide and chief gatekeeper for Sen. David Hoyle, a Gaston County Democrat and co-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. …..


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