We cut paper use by 36.8%

I had reported last month that we had made formatting changes in North Carolina legislative documents to make them 18.5% shorter in order to save paper and printing time. Now, we have cut the number of copies printed  for our printed bills office and member distribution from 355 to 275, a 22.5% reduction.  A lot of copies had wound up recycled at the end of session, and availability of the bills on the Internet had gradually reduced demand.  About 20 years ago we were printing around 500 copies of each bill.  If printed bills runs out of a specific bill, we print extras on demand.

The cumulative paper reduction (seen especially on longer documents) of the two actions reduces the amount of paper used by up to 36.8%. The reductions also save wear and tear on printing equipment and staff time producing and distributing bills.


2 Responses to We cut paper use by 36.8%

  1. JB says:

    And people say state government bureaucrats don’t know how to save tax dollars. Good work!

  2. Rebekah Radisch says:

    Good job, as always, seeking to fix things, Gerry. Now, how about moving folks and docs to Kindle 2.0?

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