Committee substitutes online sooner in NC

When committee substitutes are reported to the floor,  in the past they had not been going on the North Carolina General Assembly website until the next edition of the bill is printed, which can be anywhere from an hour to ten hours later depending on workload. The new edition has a new version number in the upper right and is the same text as the committee substitute.

Effective this week, we are putting committee substitutes online as soon as they are reported in to the floor.  For example, on Senate Bill 35, Early Organizational Session where a committee substitute was reported in today, below are the status links, you can see that there is a hyperlink for committee substitute adopted, (hyperlinked quickly)which became Edition 2 (hyperlinked a few hours later)

02/03/2009 Senate Filed
02/04/2009 Senate Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate
02/19/2009 Senate Reptd Fav Com Substitute
02/19/2009 Senate Com Substitute Adopted
02/19/2009 Senate Placed On Cal For 2/19/2009
02/19/2009 Senate Passed 2nd & 3rd Reading
Text Fiscal Note
Filed [HTML]

Edition 1 [HTML]

Edition 2 [HTML]


I had reported earlier this session that floor amendents are now also linked online


One Response to Committee substitutes online sooner in NC

  1. John A. Shaw says:

    That will be a big help, just as floor amendments will be helpful.

    Another thing that would be helpful for those who are listening on-line to the 5th and 6th floor LOB, or present at any committee, would be for Proposed Committee Substitute to be available. Usually the first thing in the meeting is to adopt the PCS, and then all discussion, often with reference to section numbers that have changed.

    I realize that the PCS is not official until adopted by the committee, and that often the wording of the PCS is done very shortly before the meeting. I would not expect for the PCS to be on the bill page, but perhaps it could be available on some other page, and available when time allows.

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