Former Speakers in the Senate; mid-session moves from H to S

I’ve gotten a number of inquiries about whether any former North Carolina House Speakers have later served in the Senate, and whether any House members have also served in the Senate during the SAME session.  These questions have been prompted by former House Speaker Dan Blue ( Speaker 1991-1994) moving over from the House to the Senate in the week or so, appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senator Vernon Malone.

Yes to both questions.

1) Representative Phil Godwin D-Gates, House Speaker during the 1971 Session*,  moved over to the Senate, winning election in 1972 and serving as a Senator in 1973-74. This may also have happened previously.

* Godwin was also Speaker the last day of the 1969 session as the prior Speaker resigned that day to take a judicial appointment.

2) There have been several House members moving over to the Senate DURING their House term, appointed to fill unexpired terms (this research goes back to 1973 covering the entire term, and also 1943-1972 if the vacancy occurred during the first year of the term, as there were no even-year sessions 1943-1972 so no second year journal to research membership changes. Vacancies have been filled by appointment since 1953, prior to that special elections filled vacancies):

Conrad Duncan, D-Rockingham 10/11/1977

Tim McDowell, D-Alamanace 9/20/1985

Roy Cooper, D-Nash 2/20/91

Martin Nesbitt, D-Buncombe 2/21/2004

Ed Jones, D-Halifax 1/24/2007


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