2009 North Carolina legislative session wrap-up

UPDATED 11:04 am Tuesday, cajoled paperwork for four more bills.
At its Friday North Carolina Senate and Monday House sessions, the General Assembly took final action on 62 measures:  59 bills and 3 resolutions.  Of those 59 bills, 53 will will be signed and go to the Governor Tuesday, five are local bills which become law immediately, as does the appointments bill which does not require gubernatorial approval.
Of those 62 measures, 55 59 will be signed by the Speaker in the House at noon and by the Lt Governor at 1 pm Tuesday.  Six  Two bills will be signed in both houses probably around 1:30 p.m. as we have to wait for the Senate to release documents after it convenes at 1 p.m., and finally the adjournment resolution will be signed in both houses.
Through today, there had been 463 laws enacted in the 2009 Regular Session.  There will be 6 more becoming law tomorrow (local bills and the appointments bill). The Governor currently has 56 bills on her desk, and will get 53 more Tuesday, for a total of 109 to be pending. Action on those is required by September 10, the 30th day after adjournment.  This gives a potential total of 575 laws enacted in 2009, compared with 551 in the 2007 long session.
In addition, 2009 will see a total of 33 joint resolutions passed, compared with 70 in 2007.
-Gerry Cohen

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  1. Damon says:

    Dome is calling you a jedi master. So very jealous

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