Finding what the 2009 NC Regular Session did

Looking for what the 2009 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly did?

You will be able to find:

(1) Session Laws on public and local bills. This gets updated within an hour or two after we get bills back from the Governor. The list is in chronological order by Chapter number and includes links to the bill statis page and .pdfm ,rtf, and html versions of the laws. You can also find the same list by bill number, but this might be updated up to a day later.

(2) Bills pending on the Governor’s desk. Updates on this may be delayed up to a day.

(3) Bills signed by the Governor. This is a smaller universe than the list in (1), as it does not include local bills, a redistricting bill, and the appointments bill, none of which require gubernatorial approval. This also may be delayed by a day.

(4) Bills still  in conference. Yes, there are two of these, which might see further action in 2010.

(5) Lots of other reports can be found here.
(6) The adjournment resolution, giving details on what is elgible for the reconvened (short) session that starts May 12, 2010.
(7) Joint resolutions passed in 2009, all 33 of them.
(8) A list of General Statutes and laws amended in 2009 can be found by selecting 2009 from this report page. This is a great resource for practitioners interested in whether certain laws have been amended.
Note that actions on bills ratified today (Tuesday, August 11) should be updated by late afternoon.

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