day 16 of 30 – 3 bills signed, 49 remain

Governor Beverly Perdue signed three bills on Thursday, August 27, 2009. At that point there still remained 49 bills on her desk. Thursday was day 16 of 30 for gubernatorial action after the August 12 adjournment of the 2009 North Carolina legislative session, final day for action will be September 10. There is no “pocket veto“, any bills not acted on become law September 11.

Here is the list of bills signed Thursday:

H148  (= S151) Congestion Relief/Intermodal Transport Fund.     Ch. SL 2009-527
H889  (= S780) Change Penalty for Misd. Death By Vehicle.     Ch. SL 2009-528
S943  (= H977) Expand Film Credit.     Ch. SL 2009-529

which leaves the following 49 bills pending:

H104 = S136 Clarify Legislative Confidentiality. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H212   Health Insurance Pool Pilot Program. H 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
H274 = S285 Clarifying Changes to State Law. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H512 = S305 Incentives for Energy Conservation. H 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
H667   2009 Viticulture/Enology Act. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H804   Amend Law Re: Personal Education Plans. H 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
H817 = S1019 Ethics TC and Other Changes. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H836 = S713 Modify Appropriations Act. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H907   Public Campaign Fund Changes. H 08/05/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/5/2009
H908   Election Administration Amendments. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H945   The Studies Act of 2009. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1111   Campaign Finance Amendments. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1135   Qui Tam/Liability for False Claims. H 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
H1160   Fire and Rescue Pension Fund Additions. H 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
H1166   Insurance Law Changes.-AB H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1261   Protect Our Kids/Cyber Bullying Misdemeanor. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1274   State Health Plan Blue Ribbon Task Force. H 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
H1313   Regulate Public Adjusters.-AB H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1329   Consolidate Expunction Statutes. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1387   Solar Collectors on Residential Properties. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1409   Building Code Exclusion/Certain Wiring. H 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
H1490 = S831 Land Development Permit Changes. H 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1570   Amend Allocation of TVA Payment. H 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
S133   Registers of Deeds’ Pension. S 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
S138   Salvia Divinorum Unlawful. S 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
S167   No Smoking/Cell Phones on Prison Grounds. S 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
S220 = H191 General Statutes Comm. Technical Corrections. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S253 = H378 Absentee Voting Improvements. S 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
S295   Clarify Closest Market. S 08/05/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/5/2009
S458   GED HS Diploma/No Drug Convict/Bail Bondsman. S 08/05/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/5/2009
S464   Prevent Racial Profiling. S 08/05/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/5/2009
S468   Authorize Insurance for Former Employees. S 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
S488   Establish Proportionate Sentence Lengths. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S489 = H1606 Even Out Prior Criminal Record Points. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S643   Amend Drug Exam Regulation. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S726   Amend House Arrest Laws/Adult/Juvenile. S 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
S738 = H744 Diabetes Control Plans in Charter Schools. S 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
S749   Revise UM/UIM Liability Coverage Requirements. S 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
S777   Affiliate Liability For OTP Excise Tax. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S786   University Nonappropriated Capital Projects. S 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
S810   Affordable Housing/No Discrimination. S 08/05/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/5/2009
S860 = H980 Student Protection Fund/Proprietary Schools. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S958   Disciplinary Proceedings/NC Medical Board. S 08/06/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
S974 = H930 Consumer Economic Protection Act of 2009. S 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
S978   Firearms Qualify Sites/Expand Commsn. Powers. S 08/05/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/5/2009
S984   Access to Juvenile Records/Violent Offenders. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S1029   PEO Amendments. S 08/11/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S1067   Sustainable Local Food Policy Council/Goal. S 08/07/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009
S1073   Amend Alarm Systems Licensing Act. S 08/05/2009 Pres. To Gov. 8/5/2009

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