days 24 thru 26 of 30 – no bills signed, six remain

Governor Beverly Perdue did not sign any bills Friday, September 4, 2009 through Sunday, September 6, 2009. At that point there still remained six bills on her desk. Sunday was day 26 of 30 for gubernatorial action after the August 12 adjournment of the 2009 North Carolina legislative session, final day for action will be Thursday, September 10. There is no “pocket veto“, any bills not acted on become law September 11.

Here are the six bills remaining on the Governor’s desk as of Sunday, September 6, 2009:

Bill Short Title     Action
H104 = S136 Clarify Legislative Confidentiality.     Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H836 = S713 Modify Appropriations Act.     Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H945   The Studies Act of 2009.     Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
H1329   Consolidate Expunction Statutes.     Pres. To Gov. 8/11/2009
S133   Registers of Deeds’ Pension.     Pres. To Gov. 8/6/2009
S974 = H930 Consumer Economic Protection Act of 2009.     Pres. To Gov. 8/7/2009

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