first scans – NC public records digitization project

I posted this past weekend about the big joint ECU/UNC/State/Legislative libraries project to digitize and publish 750,000+ pages of NC historical records.

I’ve learned from the North Carolina Legislative Library: “UNC has begun scanning materials on the Scribe, and ECU will begin testing data extracts from the Internet Archive in the next three weeks, with the hope that we get the first sample set of data sometime in October. UNC is starting at the top of the alphabetized priority one list and scanning until they are done.”

Linked is the initial subject list of the 1,307 volumes containing 581,736 pages that are being scanned. Some of the 56 different types of publications include:

  • 161 volumes of General Assembly Session Laws containing 149,000 pages.
  • 85 volumes each of House and Senate Journals (containing the daily proceedings), 148,300 pages.
  • “Collection of the private acts of the General Assembly of the state of North-Carolina, from the year 1715, to the year 1790, inclusive, now in force and use”, 260 pages.
  • “Annual meetings, reports, and proceedings of the North Carolina Railroad Company”, 54 volumes, 1,540 pages
  • “Journal of the Constitutional convention”, 10 volumes, 2,700 pages (I have used these musty volumes numerous doing research at the State Library).
  • “Reports of Cases adjudged in the superior courts of law and equity of the State of North Carolina:  from the year 1789, to the year 1798” one volume, 605 pages.
  • Journal of the Proceedings of the Provincial Congress of North Carolina held at Halifax, on he fourth day of April 177, one volume, 70 pages.
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