Governor Perdue signs four bills, vetoes HB104

Governor Perdue completed her action this afternoon on bills from the 2009 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly by signing four and vetoing one.

Signed were:

2009-574 H945 The Studies Act of 2009. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2009-575 H836 Modify Appropriations Act. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2009-576 S133 Registers of Deeds’ Pension. HTML | RTF | PDF ]
2009-577 H1329 Consolidate Expunction Statutes. HTML | RTF | PDF ]

Vetoed was House Bill 104. Clarify Legislative Confidentiality, on September 10, 2009. Click here to view the Governor’s veto objections, message, signature, and Proclamation of Reconvened Session.

As linked above, the General Assembly is scheduled to reconvene at 1:00 pm on Friday, September 18, 2009, unless as allowed by the Constitution a majority of members of each house sign a petition that a reconvened session is not necessary.


I got notice of the veto around 4:30 pm from two tweets on my cellphone via SMS from the Governor’s office:

“ncgovoffice Gov. Perdue Vetoes HB 104

ncgovoffice Veto message and document pdf with stamp and signature are here

I was at a Raleigh Transit Authority meeting and forwarded the tweets to our Information Systems Division to post the various links as news items on our web page.


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