Bill drafting and filing deadlines in the 2010 NC short session

March 10, 2010

Below are the deadlines for various types of bills for the 2010 short session to be requested from North Carolina legislative staff and filed in the Principal Clerk’s offices:

2010 House/Senate Deadlines

Drafts To Bill DraftingBy 4:00 PM Filed in House/SenateBy 4:00 PM
Bills recommended byStudy commissions Wednesday, May 12 Wednesday, May 19
Bills Affecting2010-2011 Budget Friday, May 14 Tuesday, May 25
Local Bills Wednesday, May 19 Wednesday, May 26
Bills Affecting State orLocal Pension orRetirement Systems Wednesday, May 19 Wednesday, May 26


Eligible to file in 2010 but no deadlines:

(1)   Appointments to and confirmation of members of State boards and commissions

(2)   State Constitutional amendments

(3)   Resolutions honoring deceased persons

(4)   Resolutions authorizing other bills (two-thirds vote required)

(5)  Adjournment resolution sine die

Bills disapproving administrative rules are also eligible to be filed by the 30th legislative day of the short session under G.S. 150B-21.3(b1). A legislative day is a day when either house meets.  Assuming session Monday-Thursday of each week, the 30th legislative day will be Thursday, July 1, 2010.