Just back from 4461 mile train trip

This is totally off topic, but Pam and I got back Sunday from our five day train trip LA to Rocky Mount.  Linked are pictures of our 4461 mile AMTRAK trip: There are currently 76 pictures, more will be added. Generally the newer pictures are at the front of the album. Mousing over the picture should give you the caption, or click on a picture for an enlargement and caption.

Pam and I rode the Coast Starlight LA to Portland, the Empire Builder Portland to Chicago, the Capitol Limited Chicago to Washington, and the Silver Meteor Washington to Raleigh. We had sleeper bedrooms. In addition, I rode the Carolinian Rocky Mount to Raleigh two days before the trip so our car would be in Rocky Mount at the end of the trip. We had flown from RDU to LA and spent two days there at the beginning of the trip. While in LA we were in the Tonight Show studio audience.

My favorite picture: sunrise in the snow, Shasta National Forest, northern California.

This was my longest vacation since two weeks in Vietnam in 2001. I rode an overnight Vietnamese Railways sleeper on that trip Hanoi-DaNang.


One Response to Just back from 4461 mile train trip

  1. Bill Scoggin says:

    Always wanted to do that as I am a train fan (from a family of Southern Railway/Norfolk Southern career employees). Looking forward to checking out the pictures.

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