Substantive bill requests up 40%

North Carolina bill drafting requests climb 40% over 2005; cumulative totals through week 4 

North Carolina legislative staff have received 1,399 substantive bill drafting requests by the end of the fourth week of the 2007 Regular Session today, up 40% compared  with the same point in the 2005 Regular Session. At the end of 3 weeks, the increase had been 35%.

2005     2007          CHANGE
RESEARCH DIVISION 133 184 +38.35%
DRAFTING DIVISION 866 1215 +40.30%
GRAND TOTAL 999 1399 +40.04%

Week 4 requests

During the period February 9-15, 2007, staff received 257 substantive bill requests, compared with 156 requests during the comparable period in the 2005 session, a 64% increase. 

 Blank bill requests drop

Blank bill requests are down 85% from 2005, dropping from 279 requests in 2005 to 43 in 2007. Senators are limited to two blank bill filings for the biennium, while the new House temporary rules do not allow blank bills. In 2005 there were no blank bill limits for the long session.


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    Substantive bill requests up 40% | Drafting Musings

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